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Screw Stock List

Injection Molding Screws – Extrusion Screws

Telar has a large inventory of new, injection molding screws ready to ship.  All screws listed in our inventory are finished to OEM specifications ,inspected and packaged ready for same day shipping.  The most common screws in stock from the top machine manufacturers – Van Dorn/Demag, Cincinnati Milacron, Nissei, Toshiba, Toyo, Engel  and more. Range in size from 18mm to 155mm in both GP and high wear CPM 9V.  We also have carbide coated screws and mixing screws. Same day shipping available on orders received by 4:00 pm EST.  Rush orders 1-2 weeks.

Injection Molding Screws



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Screw Tip Assemblies

CPM 9V / H-13

Injection Barrels

Carbide, Standard Bimetallic, Nitrided

Screws in Stock

Arburg15mmHigh Wear
Arburg25mmHigh Wear and GP
Arburg30mmHigh Wear
Arburg35mmHigh Wear
Cincinnati Milacron24mmHigh Wear
Cincinnati Milacron32mmACTHigh Wear
Cincinnati Milacron40mm8 oz.High Wear and GP
Cincinnati Roboshot44mmRoboshotHigh Wear and GP
Cincinnati Milacron45mm10 oz.Colmonoy 56/Nitride
Cincinnati Roboshot48mm165RColmonoy 56/Nitride
Cincinnati Milacron50mm13 oz.High Wear and GP
Cincinnati52mmRoboshotHigh Wear
Cincinnati Milacron55mm20 oz.High Wear and GP
Cincinnati Milacron55mm21 oz.Moderate Wear
Cincinnati Roboshot56mmRoboshotHigh Wear and GP
Cincinnati Milacron65mm29 oz.High Wear and GP
Cincinnati Milacron70mm41 oz.Colmonoy 56/Nitride
Cincinnati Milacron80mm54 oz. MaxColmonoy 56/Nitride
Cincinnati Milacron80mm54 oz. VTHigh Wear and GP
Cincinnati Milacron80mm54 oz. VTD-2 / Low Compression
Cincinnati Milacron90mm76 oz.Colmonoy 56/Nitride
Cincinnati Milacron100mm105 oz.High Wear and GP
Cincinnati Milacron110mm140 oz. VTHigh Wear
Cincinnati Milacron110mm140 oz. MaxCol56/Chrome - Mixer
Cincinnati Milacron125mm232 oz.Colmonoy 56/Nitride
Cincinnati Milacron140mm362 oz.High Wear
Davis Standard1.00"High Wear
Demag22mmHigh Wear
Demag25mmHigh Wear
Demag30mmHigh Wear
Demag35mm200High Wear
Demag40mm500RRHigh Wear and GP
Demag45mm500RRHigh Wear and GP
Demag45mm720RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Demag50mm720RRHigh Wear and GP
Demag50mm1220RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Demag60mm1220RRHigh Wear and GP
Demag60mm1920RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Demag70mm1920RRHigh Wear and GP
Demag70mm2800RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Demag80mm2800RRHigh Wear and GP
Demag95mm4300RRHigh Wear and GP
Demag95mm6800RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Demag110mm6800RRHigh Wear and GP
Demag130mm12300RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Demag145mm17000RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Engel25mm80High Wear
Engel35mm200High Wear
Engel45mm330High Wear
Haitian40mmMA-1600High Wear
Krauss-Maffei45mmSP700Carbide Coated
Krauss-Maffei55mmCarbide Coated
Mitsubishi80mm610MJColmonoy 56/Chrome
Mitsubishi105mm160 ozColmonoy 56/Chrome
Newbury1.00"2 oz.High Wear
Newbury1.25"3 oz.High Wear
Newbury2.00"16 to 1High Wear
Nissei22mm5A or 5EHigh Wear
Nissei26mm5A or 5EHigh Wear
Nissei28mm9A or 9EHigh Wear
Nissei30mm5AHigh Wear
Nissei32mm9A or 9EHigh Wear
Nissei32mm12A or EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei32mm18A or 18EHigh Wear
Nissei36mm9A or 9EHigh Wear
Nissei36mm12A or12EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei36mm18A or 18EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei40mm12A or 12EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei40mm18A or 18EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei40mm25A or 25EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei45mm18A or 18EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei45mm25A or 25EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei45mm36A or 36EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei50mm25A or 25EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei50mm36A or 36EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei50mm50A or50EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei56mm36A or 36EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei56mm50A or 50EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei56mm71A or 71EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei56mm100LEColmonoy 56/Nitride
Nissei63mm50A or 50EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei63mm71A or 71EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei63mm100AHigh Wear and GP
Nissei71mm71A or 71EHigh Wear and GP
Nissei71mm100AHigh Wear and GP
Niss80mm100AHigh Wear
Rocheleau2.00"Col56/Chrome - Barrier
Sumitomo25mmHigh Wear
Sumitomo28mmHigh Wear
Sumitomo50mmHigh Wear and GP
Toshiba28mmEC-65High Wear
Toshiba28mm2YHigh Wear
Toshiba32mm1.5BHigh Wear
Toshiba32mm2AHigh Wear
Toshiba36mm2BHigh Wear and GP
Toshiba36mm3AHigh Wear and GP
Toshiba36mm5YHigh Wear
Toshiba40mm3BColmonoy 56/Nitride
Toshiba40mm4A / 5AHigh Wear
Toshiba45mm4B / 5BHigh Wear and GP
Toshiba50mm8A / 10AHigh Wear and GP
Toshiba50mm6BColmonoy 56/Nitride
Toshiba55mm10BHigh Wear and GP
Toshiba60mm17A / 19AColmonoy 56/Nitride
Toshiba60mm19ATColmonoy 56/Nitride
Toshiba70mm19BColmonoy 56/Nitride
Toshiba70mm27ATColmonoy 56/Nitride
Toshiba80mm27BColmonoy 56/Nitride
Toshiba80mm34ACol56/Chrome - LC
Toshiba80mm34ATColmonoy 56/Nitride
Toshiba90mm34BColmonoy 56/Nitride
Toshiba105mm59BColmonoy 56/Nitride
Toyo55mmSiIVCarbide Coated
Toyo60mm245HCPM 9V
Toyo68mm300G2CPM 9V
Trubor28mmNitralloy Nitride
Van Dorn30mm3FHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn35mm5FHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn38mm6FHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn40mm8FHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag45mm500RRHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag45mm720RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Van Dorn50mm14FHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag50mm720RRHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag50mm1220RRHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn57mm20FHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag60mm1220RRHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag60mm1920RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Van Dorn65mm30FHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag70mm1920RRHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag70mm2800RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Van Dorn75mm48FHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn80mm60FHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag80mm2800RRHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag80mm4300RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Van Dorn Demag95mm4300RRHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag95mm6800RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Van Dorn105mm125FColmonoy 56/Nitride
Van Dorn Demag110mm6800RRHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn115mm165FColmonoy 56/Nitride
Van Dorn Demag130mm12300RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Van Dorn135mm260FHigh Wear and GP
Van Dorn Demag145mm17000RRColmonoy 56/Nitride
Van Dorn155mm400FColmonoy 56/Nitride

BarMix High Performance Screw

Telar T-Bar High Perfomance Mixing Screw

Sub Channel Design

Faster Screw Recovery/Less Shear

Mixing Screws

Reduce Cycle Times

All Types of Mixers Available

High Wear Screws

High Wear/High Corrosion

Carbide Spray Weld/CPM 9V

Repair/Rebuild Screws

Save 30 – 70%

Broken Screws repaired

Upsize/Downsize Screws

Engineering & Design

Increase/Decrease Shot Capacity

Specialty Screws

PVC/Clear Polycarbonate

Thermosets – Engineered Resins

Telar is a leading supplier of front end components at the industries lowest prices.  Huge inventory of screws, barrels, screw tips, end caps, nozzles and nozzle tips.  We have inventory on many of the most popular injection molding machine makes and models.  Same day shipping available on orders received by 5:00 pm EST.  Rush orders 1-2 weeks.

Please visit our main website at for more great savings on pneumatic conveying components and auxiliary equipment including loaders, dryers, chillers, temperature controls, hot runner controls, granulators and additive feeders.

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