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Upsizing/Downsizing Injection Molding Units


The correct size of injection units can be an important factor in achieving
exceptional end-product quality.  Upsizing or downsizing your injection unit can help maximize your machine investment. Our expert staff can assist if you need to optimize your shot size and resin
requirements to meet end-product specifications.  It may be necessary to downsize or upsize an injection unit so that the screw is operating in the 25% to 75% of the stroke range to optimize the injection profile of the machine.

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Upsizing Injection Units

Increasing the capacity of an injection unit without replacing the entire unit is possible and the modification can usually be accomplished at a much lesser cost. Upsizing involves a new barrel, screw, valve and endcap. Under certain circumstances, the existing barrel may be used to meet the customer’s requirements. The capacity of the existing hydraulic system, the barrel design and resins to be processed are among the factors to be evaluated in confirming the feasibility of upsizing. To see if your equipment could be upsized, call us with your machine specifications and molding parameters.  We will analyze the information and get back to you with our recommendations. Or call us if you have any questions or for a complete discussion of alternatives.

Upsize or Downsize Injection Molding Machine

Downsizing Injection Units

The need to downsize an injection unit usually arises from potentially excessive residence time when attempting to produce a part with a shot size that is a small percentage of the machine’s shot capacity. Downsizing an injection unit involves a new barrel, screw, valve and endcap. Under certain circumstances, the existing barrel may be used to meet the customer’s requirements.

Telar Corp. takes special care to insure that the new barrel has adequate yield strength to offset higher injection pressures that may result from downsizing. If you need a smaller injection unit to process some special parts, call  Telar Corp. for further assistance.  We will analyze your information and get back to you with our recommendations.

Thermoset Conversions


Thermoplastic presses can be converted to thermoset. The redesigned unit incorporates a water-jacketed barrel, new thermoset screw and end cap. Easily installed, it eliminates the need for an additional press. Screws can be designed for BMC, phenolic and polyester.


BarMix High Performance Screw

Our ultimate high performance barrier mixing screw has a sub-channel  design to continuously churn and mix the particles with uniform melt temperature.  By reducing shear heat we can increase efficiency and melting.  Lower melting temperatures will increase output.  Processors have increased production up to 30% with the barrier mixer design. Let our experts design a custom screw that will outperform your current screw and maximize your machine output.

Carbide Coating – Double the Life of Your Screw

The ultimate for high wear/ highly corrosive/high temperature applications – guaranteed results

Full Encapsulation provides the ultimate in abrasion and corrosion resistance for single and twin feedscrews. This option covers the tops of flights, flight sides and the root/core of the entire feedscrew.

Carbide coating is recommended when process very high fiberglass content, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, metals, ceramic or other abrasive fillers.

Stock List

Updated 8/31/2020.  Call or email for best price.  

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Screw Tip Assemblies

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Mixing Screws

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All Types of Mixers Available

High Wear Screws

High Wear/High Corrosion

Carbide Spray Weld/CPM 9V

Repair/Rebuild Screws

Save 30 – 70%

Broken Screws repaired

BarMix High Performance Screw

Telar BarMix High Perfomance Mixing Screw

Engineering & Design

Increase/Decrease Shot Capacity

Specialty Screws

PVC/Clear Polycarbonate

Thermosets – Engineered Resins


High wear/High Abrasive resistant feed screws

Telar provides screws manufactured in high wear tool steel for your most demanding applications. Telar high wear tool steel screws are manufactured in CPM 9V a Crucible material with 9% vanadium carbide. We can also offer screws with an XC-1000 coating for extreme wear and corrosion resistance. We start with a 4140 screw substrate and then use a thermal spray weld up to .010/side of tungsten carbide coating for superior screw wear resistance.

High Performance Screws

Telar can design a screw specifically for your process to deliver peak performance. If you would like to decease cycle times, improve mixing, or reduce scrap rate then let the engineers at Telar help determine the optimal screw design. Sometimes a small change in design and/or material composition can result in significant overall screw performance.

General Purpose Screws

Telar has hundreds of screws on the shelf for immediate delivery. Our GP screws can be either nitrided or welded with Colmonoy 56 hardfacing and either chrome plated or nitrided. These screws typically have a 3:1 compression ratio and are excellent for typical molding applications. We can ship same day and with low prices these represent an outstanding value. Please check out our current list of in stock screws available for immediate shipment.

Feedscrew Repair

We can repairing your worn injection, extrusion or blow molding screw back to OEM specifications. After inspection we will provide you with an analysis and price quotation to repair. The repair process includes stripping the current screw, grinding and elding stainless onto the flites, applying Colmonoy 56 hardfacing for protection and then applying chrome plating if required. A rebuilt screw can be a great value as it typically can cost 50 – 75% of the price of a new screw.

Mixing Screws • Extrusion Screws • Rebuilt Screws

Feed Screw Materials

Nitralloy 135M: A tool steel machined and nitrided for 72 hours. An excellent low-cost alternative when excessive wear is not a primary consideration.
4140: A tool steel with good strength when surface threted or hard faced.
D-2: A high carbon/high chrome tool steel. Good wear resistance but low on torque strength
CPM-9V: Excellent for abrasive applications with very good wear characteristic.

Surface Treatments for Screws

Nitriding: Increases the hardness and life of tool steel screws such as 135M and 4140. Very cost effective.
Chrome Plating: Offers hardness and low friction with corrosion protection. Double and triple chrome plating often used for corrosive applications.
Carbide Coating: Guaranteed to double the life of a 9V screw.

Hard Facing – On Screw Flites

Stellite #12: Cobalt based. Recommended for resins with a low percentage of filled materials. 40-47 RC hardness.
Colmonoy #56: Nickel based. More wear resistant than Stellite. Recommended for glass-filled or resins. 50 to 55 RC hardness
Colmonoy #83: Nickel-tungsten based.  Contains tungsten carbide particles for extreme wear applications.  59-64 RC.

  • Autojector Feed Screws
  • Arburg Feed Screws
  • Battenfeld Feed Screws
  • Boy Feed Screws
  • Cincinnati Milacron Feed Screws
  • Davis Standard Feed Screws
  • Demag Feed Screws
  • Engel Feed Screws
  • Haitian Feed Screws
  • Husky Feed Screws
  • JSW Feed Screws
  • Kawaguchi Feed Screws
  • Killion Feed Screws
  • Krauss-Maffei Feed Screws
  • Mitsubishi Feed Screws
  • Nissei Feed Screws
  • Newbury Feed Screws
  • Rocheleau Feed Screws
  • Sumitomo Feed Screws
  • Trubor Feed Screws
  • Toshiba Feed Screws
  • Toyo Feed Screws
  • Van Dorn Feed Screws
  • Welltec Feed Screws
  • Zhafir Feed Screws

Telar is a leading supplier of front end components at the industries lowest prices.  Huge inventory of screws, barrels, screw tips, end caps, nozzles and nozzle tips.  We have inventory on many of the most popular injection molding machine makes and models.  Same day shipping available on orders received by 5:00 pm EST.  Rush orders 1-2 weeks.

Please visit our main website at for more great savings on pneumatic conveying components and auxiliary equipment including loaders, dryers, chillers, temperature controls, hot runner controls, granulators and additive feeders.

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Telar Corp.

Telar Corp.   12995 Hawke Rd.  Columbia Station, OH


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