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Custom Screws

(Mixing Screws and Barrier Screws)

Telar can design and manufacture an injection molding or extrusion screw to improve your production.  Our ultimate barrier mixer design with sub-channels will improve your process 20-30% over conventional screws.  We also make a variety of mixing screws and barrier screws all with different characteristics to excel in production of a variety of different type resins.   Our engineers have years of experience in screw design and processing and will assist you in determining the best solution.

Barrier Mixing Screw

Our ultimate high performance barrier mixing screw has sub-channels designed to continuously churn and mix the particles with uniform melt temperature.  By reducing shear heat we can increase efficiency and melting.  Lower melting temperatures will increase output.  Processors have increased production up to 30% with the barrier mixer design. Let our experts design a screw that will maximize your machine output.

Other Mixing Options

Spiral Mixer

Saxton Mixer

Telar Barrier

Dispersive type mixer for a good homogeneous melt of shear tolerant materials like Polypropylene and Polyethylene.

Good distribution and dispersive qualities that provide good melt quality and color mix for a wide variety of materials.

High performance barrier will increase production and can be customized to process crystalline and amorphous resins.



Over 200 Top Selling Injection Molding Screws



The most common screws in stock from the top machine makers – Van Dorn/Demag, Cincinnati Milacron, Nissei, Toshiba, Toyo and more. From 18mm to 155mm in both GP and high wear screws in stock.  Same day shipping available on orders received by 5:00 pm EST.

We also supply 4 piece valves, ball checks, 3 piece locking ring design and smear tips. Check out our huge inventory and prices on screws, barrels, screw tips, end caps, nozzles and nozzle tips.  Same day shipping on all orders received by 5:00 pm EST.

Telar is a leading supplier of front end components at the industries lowest prices.  Huge inventory of screws, barrels, screw tips, end caps, nozzles and nozzle tips.  We have inventory on many of the most popular injection molding machine makes and models.  Same day shipping available on orders received by 5:00 pm EST.

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