Telar Corp.

Telar Air Loader

No Motor • 750 lbs./hour • Large Filter

Made in USA

Telar Accu-Feed Mini LoaderML-500


The Telar Accu-Feed air loader uses a venturi and shop air to efficiently load material.  Virtually maintenance free, the Telar Accu-Feed venturi loaders use an accelerator that requires minimal amounts of air to operate. required to load.  You can also use as a proportional loader to use up your regrind. With our modular design you can customize your loader  to best suit your application.  Made in the USA, the Telar Accu-Feed air loader will provides years of quality life with very little expense.



Shipped complete and ready to install.

Telar Accu-Feed Hopper LoaderHLF-1000


Wand/Accelerator  •  Control  •  Mounting Plate  •  Flex Hose  •  Air Tubing