Telar Corp.

Accu-Feed Proportional Loader

No Motor • 750 lbs./hour • Eliminate Layering

Made in USA

Telar Accu-Feed Proportional Loader




Virtually maintenance free, the Telar Accu-Feed venturi loaders use an accelerator that requires minimal amounts of air to operate. required to load.  With our modular design you can customize your loader  to best suit your application.  Made in the USA, the Telar Accu-Feed air loader will provides years of quality life with very little expense.

Dual Control Proportional Loaders

Accu-Feed air loader baffle

  • Machine throat or hopper installation
  • Materials pull together for homogenous blend
  • Adjust air pressure to control % mix
  • Improve part consistency – no layering
  • Adjustable sensor level
  • Oversize air filter or bag filter for dusty regrind
208.4 sec1.95443
306.0 sec2.11581
405.1 sec2.44679
504.4 sec2.67750

Telar Accu-Feed VProportional Loader with Filter Bag




  • Oversize 8″ filters for maximum air flow
  • Internal baffle directs material flow from hopper wall
  • Lifetime hopper warranty against wear
  • Effector sensor  -#1 rated
  • Modular design – for different loading applications
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate tube
  • 1.25″ or 1.50″ models

Price: $2,195

Part# ML-2000

Price: $2,295

Part# MLF-2000


  • Hopper and filter assembly
  • Level sensor for hopper or throat mount
  • Dual control assembly with air regulator valves
  • (2) Wand assemblies and/or grinder spike accelerator
  • 6″ x 6″ machine adapter plate
  • 20 ft. of 1 1/4″ material flex hose
  • 20 ft. of 3/8″ air line tubing



Includes:   10ft. of flex hose  • 10 ft. of air line tubing


Sight Tube

Telar Accu-Feed Proportional Loader Control



Wand & Grinder Spike

Mounting Plate

Popular Options

Filter Bag

Collector Box for Accu-Feed Venturi Loader

Collector Box

Magnets for Telar Accu-Feed Venturi Air Loader


Hardened CPM Wand for Accu-Feed Venturi Loader

Hardened Wand

Other Loader System Configurations

Mini Loader

Telar Accu-Feed Mini Air Loader

$ 1,045


Specs and Pricing

Hopper Mount

Telar Accu-Feed Hopper Mount Air Loader with filter bag


HLF-1000 (bag option)

Specs and Pricing

Sight Tube

Telar Accu-Feed Venturi Air Loader



Specs and Pricing

Large Sight Tube

Telar Accu-Feed Large Sight Tube Venturi Loader



Specs and Pricing

Spare Parts

Part #DescriptionPRICE
81020Hopper Assembly 1.25"$358.00
81021Hopper Assembly 1.50"$358.00
81022Hopper Assembly (2) 1.50"$385.00
81023Hopper Assembly (1) 1.25" & (1) 1.50"$385.00
81024Hopper Assembly (2) 1.50"$385.00
81060Hopper Only 1.25"$220.00
81061Hopper Only 1.50"$220.00
81062Hopper Only (2) 1.25"$242.00
81063Hopper Only (1) 1.25" & (1) 1.50"$242.00
81064Hopper Only (2) 1.50"$242.00
81077Block Off Plate$20.00
810781.25" Inlet Tube$38.00
81078-011.25" Inlet Tube Block-Off Plug$35.00
810791.50" Inlet Tube$38.00
81079-011.50" Inlet Tube Block-Off Plug$33.00
81080-04Baffle w/ Filter Stud for 4" Filter$121.00
81080-08Baffle w/ Filter Stud for 8" Filter$121.00
16521Autoload Jr. Filter Adapter$220.00
16521-01Autoload Jr. Filter Adapter w/ Bag$280.50
81081-04Air Filter (8" OD x 6.5" x 4")$40.00
81081-08Air Filter (8" OD x 6.5" x 8")$45.00
81082Filter Cover & Knob Assembly$45.00
81083Filter Cover Knob Assembly$20.00
81083-01Filter Cover Knob$5.50
81084-04Filter Stud & Nut 81081-04$11.00
81084-08Filter Stud & Nut 81081-08$14.00
81085Screen Plate w/ Gasket$52.00
81085-01Screen Plate Gasket$18.00
81086Latch (Filter Hold Down)$11.00
81087Hopper Gasket$20.00
81090Filter Bag Assy. (12" x 20")$165.00
81090-01Filter Bag Assy. (8.5" x 12")$165.00
81092Filter Bag (12" x 20") w/ clamp$55.00
81092-01Filter Bag (8.5" x 12") w/ clamp$55.00
81093Closure Bar (12" x 20" Bag)$27.50
81093-01Closure Bar (8.5" x 12" Bag)$27.50
81097Filter Bag Cover w/ Knob Assy.$110.00
81099Hose Clamp for Filter Bag$5.00
811003" Glass Sight Tube Assy. w/ Sensor$528.00
81100-G3" PC Sight Tube Assy. w/ Sensor$580.00
81100-01End Bell for Sight Tube Assy.$84.00
81100-03Support Rod for Sight Tube$10.00
81100-04Sight Tube (3"OD x 2.75" x 6")$72.00
81100-4-GGlass Sight Tube$110.00
81100-4-MPC Sight Tube w/ Magnet Hole$110.00
81100-05Tube Seal for Sight Tube Assy.$5.00
81100-06End Bell O-Ring for Sight Tube$5.00
81100-07Sensor Bracket w/ Knobs$72.00
81100-08Adjustment Knob$5.00
81100-09Top Plate for Sight Tube Assy.$84.00
81100-20Autoload Sight Tube Hopper Assy$110.00
811018" Sight Tube Assy. w/ Sensor$770.00
81101-128" Sight Tube (6.75" OD x 6.5" x 9") $135.00
81101-13Tube Seals (2) for 8" Sight Tube$20.00
81101-20Magnet for 8" Sight Tube Assy.$190.00
81101-21Magnet Clips (2) for 8" Sight Tube$9.00
81101-258" x 8" Mounting Plate for 8" Sight Tube Assy.$105.00
81101-2610" x 10" Mounting Plate for 8" Sight Tube Assy.$105.00
8110210" Sight Tube Assy w/ Sensor$1,210.00
81102-2011.5" x 11.5" Plate for 10" Sight Tube Assy$110.00
81103Hopper Mounting Sight Tube Assy.$209.00
81103-01Hopper Mounting Bottom Plate$84.00
81105-10Loader Sensor w/ 7' Cable$209.00
81105-11Loader Sensor w/ up to 15' Cable$209.00
81105-12Disconnect Sensor w/ 3' cable (Goes w/part# 81105-14)$190.00
14110-13Sensor for Autoload$209.00
81105-135' Long Sensor Extender Cable$50.00
81105-1410' Long Sensor Extender Cable$62.00
81105-157' Long Sensor Cable Assembly$40.00
81105-1612' Long Sensor Cable Assembly$48.00
81111Bullet Style Magnet - Ceramic$176.00
81115Drop-In Magnet (2) Ceramic Magnets$176.00
81115-01Drop-In Magnet (2) Rare Earth Magnets$231.00
81116Drop-In Magnet (3) Ceramic Magnets$242.00
81116-01Drop-In Magnet (3) Rare Earth Magnets$330.00
81117Inline Accelerator - 1.25"$132.00
81118Inline Accelerator - 1.50"$160.00
81119Inline Accelerator - 2.00"$187.00
81120Wand Assembly - 1.25"$198.00
81120-01Wand Assembly - 1.25" w/ Tube Guard$238.00
81121Wand Assembly - 1.50"$231.00
81121-01Wand Assembly - 1.50" w/ Tube Guard$270.00
81121-02High Output Wand - 1.50"$286.00
81122Accelerator - 1.25"$138.00
81123Accelerator - 1.50"$165.00
81125High Output Accelerator - 1.50"$220.00
81126Wear Resistant Wand - 1.25"$352.00
81127Wear Resistant Wand - 1.50"$374.00
81128Wear Resistant Accelerator - 1.25"$242.00
81129Wear Resistant Accelerator - 1.50"$407.00
81130Flex Hose - 1.25" Price / Ft$3.30
81133Flex Hose - 1.50" Price / Ft$4.40
81136Flex Hose - 2.00" Price / Ft$5.50
81138Hose Clamp - 1.25" $2.20
81139Hose Clamp - 1.50" $2.20
81140Air Line Tubing 3/8" - Price / Ft$1.10
81160Vibrator Assembly for 1.25" Wand$330.00
81161Vibrator Assembly for 1.50" Wand$330.00
81180Material Shut Off Valve for Flanged Hopper$594.00
812171" Tube for Sight Tube Hopper Mounting$104.00
812186" Tube for Sight Tube Hopper Mounting$104.00
8121912" Tube for Sight Tube Hopper Mounting$104.00
812211" Tube w/ Flange for Hopper Mounting$104.00
812226" Tube w/ Flange for Hopper Mounting$104.00
8122312" Tube w/ Flange for Hopper Mounting$104.00
81230Grinder Spike 6" for 1.25" Accelerator$75.00
81230-12Grinder Spike 12" for 1.25" Accelerator$85.00
81230-24Grinder Spike 24" for 1.25" Accelerator$110.00
81231Grinder Spike 6" for 1.50" Accelerator$75.00
81231-12Grinder Spike 12" for 1.50" Accelerator$85.00
81280Remote Filter Assembly (30 Gallon)$825.00
81280-04Filter Bag (30 Gallon Remote Filter Assembly)$55.00
81282Remote Filter Assembly (5 Gallon)$572.00
81282-05Filter Bag (5 Gallon Remote Filter Assembly)$40.00
812832" Wye for Remote Filter Assembly$40.00
812954" x 4" Mounting Plate with 3" x 3" Bolt Pattern$105.00
813005" x 5" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$105.00
813056" x 6" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$110.00
813107" x 7" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$110.00
813158" x 8" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$120.00
8132010" x 10" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$120.00
8132112" x 12" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$125.00
81800Single Loader Standard Control$462.00
81801Single Loader Standard Control w/ 1/2" Filter Regulator$528.00
81805Single Loader Standard Control w/ Low Level Alarm$594.00
81805-20Remote Material Sensing Alarm Box$144.00
81810Single Loader Control with On/Off Timer$594.00
81820Single Loader Control w/ Overfill Timer$594.00
81830Dual Loader Proportional Control (2 Tubes, 1 Sensor)$858.00
81832Dual Loader Proportional Control (2 Loaders, 2 Sensors)$858.00
81835Dual Loader Control w/ Overfill Timer$979.00
81837Dual Loader control w/ Low Level Alarm$979.00
81900Collector Box for 1.25" Accelerator$365.00
81900-05Pickup Tube for 1.25" Accelerator$66.00
81900-06Pickup Tube for 1.50" Accelerator$66.00
81900-07Clamp Spacer$10.00
81900-08Strike Plate$6.00
81900-09Tube Block-Off Plate$14.00
81900-10Toggle Clamp$20.00
81900-11Gasket for 81900 Collector Box$10.00
81900-20Pickup Tube for 1.25" Hose$70.00
81900-21Pickup Tube for 1.50" Hose$70.00
81900-22Pickup Tube for 1.75" Hose$70.00
81900-23Pickup Tube for 2.00" Hose$70.00
81900-24Pickup Tube for 2.25" Hose$70.00
81905Collector Box for 1.50" Accelerator$374.00
81910Collector Box for (2) 1.25" Accelerators$440.00
81915Collector Box for (2) 1.50" Accelerators$440.00
81920Single Opening Collector Box$374.00
81930Large Collector Box (3.50" to 8" Bolt Pattern)$385.00
81931Large Collector Box for 1.25" Accelerator$407.00
81932Large Collector Box for (2) 1.25" Accelerators$451.00
81933Large Collector Box for (3) 1.25" Accelerators$473.00
81934Large Collector Box for (4) 1.25" Accelerators$506.00
81935Large Collector Box for 1.50" Accelerator$418.00
81936Large Collector Box for (2) 1.50" Accelerators$440.00
81937Large Collector Box for (3) 1.50" Accelerators$462.00
81938Large Collector Box for (4) 1.50" Accelerators$506.00
83000Mini-Loader w/Sight Tube$429.00
83001Mini-Loader w/o Sight Tube$363.00
83020-05End Bell for Mini Loader$82.00
83020-07Support Rod for Mini Loader$8.00
83020-08Tube for Mini Loader (3" OD x 2.75" ID x 3")$28.00
83020-09Tube for Mini Loader w/ Magnet Hole$36.00
83020-20Inlet Tube & Sensor Body - Mini Loader$248.00
83020-21Sight Tube Assembly - Mini Loader$198.00
83020-22Sight Tube Assembly w/ Magnet - Mini Loader$364.00
83035Rare Earth Magnet Assembly - Mini Loader$176.00
18-1013/8" Air Valve w/ 120 Volt Solenoid$115.00
18-101-01120 Volt Solenoid$59.00
18-101-023/8" Air Valve w/o Solenoid$72.00
18-1121/2" Filter Regulator Assembly w/ Bracket and Gauge O/S$121.00
18-112-A1/2" Filter Regulator Assembly w/ Bracket and Gauge$121.00
18-114-C3/8" Filter Regulator Assembly w/ Bracket and Gauge O/S$104.00
18-114-CCAir Gauge 0-100 P.S.I.$16.00
18-114-CEBowl w/ Manual Drain for 3/8" & 1/2" Filter Regulator O/S$33.00
18-114-CFFilter Retainer O/S$15.00
18-114-CKFilter for Regulator Assembly O/S$15.00
18-114-D3/8" Filter Regulator Assembly w/ Bracket and Gauge - New Style$132.00
18-1213/8" Female Pipe Tee$22.00
18-1281/2" Air Valve w/ 120 Volt Solenoid$172.00
18-650-06Male Connector 3/8" Tube to 3/8" NPT$8.00
99-13-1392 Pin Panel Socket$10.00
99-13-1402 Pin Cable Plug w/ Strain Relief$12.00
99-13-1412 Pin Cable to Cable Connector w/ Strain Relief$16.00
99-21-106Box for 81800 Single Loader Control$51.00
99-21-106ACover for 81800 Single Loader Control Box$19.00
99-27-109Rocker Switch (Visi-Red)$8.00
99-33-1088' Power Cord w/ Strain Relief$20.00