Telar Corp.

Telar Accu-Feed Mini Venturi Loader

Economical • 500 lbs./hour • Machine or Hopper Mount

Made in USA

Telar Accu-Feed Mini Loader

ML- 500


Virtually maintenance free, the Telar Accu-Feed mini loaders use an accelerator that requires minimal amounts of air to operate. The adapter plates provided can enable you to mount on a hopper or direct to the machine throat based on you application.  Economical and installs in minutes.  The Telar Accu-Feed mini loader is made in the USA and will provides years of quality service life with very little expense.

Accu-Feed Machine Mount Sight Tube Loaders

  • machine throat or hopper installation
  • Economical
  • Polycarbonate sight tube
  • Ideal for hygroscopic resins
  • Adjustable sensor level
  • Oversize air filter

Telar Accu-Feed Mini Loader with Filter Bag




  • Oversize 8″ filter for maximum air flow
  • Effector sensor  -#1 rated
  • Hopper or machine mount
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate tube
  • 1.25″ inlet tube

Price: $1,090

Part# ML-500

Price: $1,190

Part# MLF-500


  • Hopper and filter assembly
  • Sight tube
  • Control assembly with air regulator valve
  • Wand assembly with air accelerator
  • Machine or hopper adapter
  • 10 ft. of 1 1/4″ material flex hose
  • 10 ft. of 3/8″ air line tubing



Includes:   10ft. of flex hose  • 10 ft. of air line tubing

Telar Accu-Feed Mini Loader





Mounting Plate

Popular Options

Telar Accu-Feed Mini Loader with Filter Bag

Filter Bag

Collector Box for Accu-Feed Venturi Loader

Collector Box

Magnets for Telar Accu-Feed Venturi Air Loader


Hardened CPM Wand for Accu-Feed Venturi Loader

Hardened Wand

More Loader System Configurations

Hopper Mount

Telar Accu-Feed Hopper Loader



Specs and Pricing

Sight Tube

Telar Accu-Feed Venturi Air Loader



Specs and Pricing

Large Sight Tube

Telar Accu-Feed Large Sight Tube Venturi Loader



Specs and Pricing


Telar Accu-Feed Dual Proportional Loader



Specs and Pricing

Spare Parts

Part #DescriptionPRICE
81020Hopper Assembly 1.25"$358.00
81021Hopper Assembly 1.50"$358.00
81022Hopper Assembly (2) 1.50"$385.00
81023Hopper Assembly (1) 1.25" & (1) 1.50"$385.00
81024Hopper Assembly (2) 1.50"$385.00
81060Hopper Only 1.25"$220.00
81061Hopper Only 1.50"$220.00
81062Hopper Only (2) 1.25"$242.00
81063Hopper Only (1) 1.25" & (1) 1.50"$242.00
81064Hopper Only (2) 1.50"$242.00
81077Block Off Plate$20.00
810781.25" Inlet Tube$38.00
81078-011.25" Inlet Tube Block-Off Plug$35.00
810791.50" Inlet Tube$38.00
81079-011.50" Inlet Tube Block-Off Plug$33.00
81080-04Baffle w/ Filter Stud for 4" Filter$121.00
81080-08Baffle w/ Filter Stud for 8" Filter$121.00
16521Autoload Jr. Filter Adapter$220.00
16521-01Autoload Jr. Filter Adapter w/ Bag$280.50
81081-04Air Filter (8" OD x 6.5" x 4")$40.00
81081-08Air Filter (8" OD x 6.5" x 8")$45.00
81082Filter Cover & Knob Assembly$45.00
81083Filter Cover Knob Assembly$20.00
81083-01Filter Cover Knob$5.50
81084-04Filter Stud & Nut 81081-04$11.00
81084-08Filter Stud & Nut 81081-08$14.00
81085Screen Plate w/ Gasket$52.00
81085-01Screen Plate Gasket$18.00
81086Latch (Filter Hold Down)$11.00
81087Hopper Gasket$20.00
81090Filter Bag Assy. (12" x 20")$165.00
81090-01Filter Bag Assy. (8.5" x 12")$165.00
81092Filter Bag (12" x 20") w/ clamp$55.00
81092-01Filter Bag (8.5" x 12") w/ clamp$55.00
81093Closure Bar (12" x 20" Bag)$27.50
81093-01Closure Bar (8.5" x 12" Bag)$27.50
81097Filter Bag Cover w/ Knob Assy.$110.00
81099Hose Clamp for Filter Bag$5.00
811003" Glass Sight Tube Assy. w/ Sensor$528.00
81100-G3" PC Sight Tube Assy. w/ Sensor$580.00
81100-01End Bell for Sight Tube Assy.$84.00
81100-03Support Rod for Sight Tube$10.00
81100-04Sight Tube (3"OD x 2.75" x 6")$72.00
81100-4-GGlass Sight Tube$110.00
81100-4-MPC Sight Tube w/ Magnet Hole$110.00
81100-05Tube Seal for Sight Tube Assy.$5.00
81100-06End Bell O-Ring for Sight Tube$5.00
81100-07Sensor Bracket w/ Knobs$72.00
81100-08Adjustment Knob$5.00
81100-09Top Plate for Sight Tube Assy.$84.00
81100-20Autoload Sight Tube Hopper Assy$110.00
811018" Sight Tube Assy. w/ Sensor$770.00
81101-128" Sight Tube (6.75" OD x 6.5" x 9") $135.00
81101-13Tube Seals (2) for 8" Sight Tube$20.00
81101-20Magnet for 8" Sight Tube Assy.$190.00
81101-21Magnet Clips (2) for 8" Sight Tube$9.00
81101-258" x 8" Mounting Plate for 8" Sight Tube Assy.$105.00
81101-2610" x 10" Mounting Plate for 8" Sight Tube Assy.$105.00
8110210" Sight Tube Assy w/ Sensor$1,210.00
81102-2011.5" x 11.5" Plate for 10" Sight Tube Assy$110.00
81103Hopper Mounting Sight Tube Assy.$209.00
81103-01Hopper Mounting Bottom Plate$84.00
81105-10Loader Sensor w/ 7' Cable$209.00
81105-11Loader Sensor w/ up to 15' Cable$209.00
81105-12Disconnect Sensor w/ 3' cable (Goes w/part# 81105-14)$190.00
14110-13Sensor for Autoload$209.00
81105-135' Long Sensor Extender Cable$50.00
81105-1410' Long Sensor Extender Cable$62.00
81105-157' Long Sensor Cable Assembly$40.00
81105-1612' Long Sensor Cable Assembly$48.00
81111Bullet Style Magnet - Ceramic$176.00
81115Drop-In Magnet (2) Ceramic Magnets$176.00
81115-01Drop-In Magnet (2) Rare Earth Magnets$231.00
81116Drop-In Magnet (3) Ceramic Magnets$242.00
81116-01Drop-In Magnet (3) Rare Earth Magnets$330.00
81117Inline Accelerator - 1.25"$132.00
81118Inline Accelerator - 1.50"$160.00
81119Inline Accelerator - 2.00"$187.00
81120Wand Assembly - 1.25"$198.00
81120-01Wand Assembly - 1.25" w/ Tube Guard$238.00
81121Wand Assembly - 1.50"$231.00
81121-01Wand Assembly - 1.50" w/ Tube Guard$270.00
81121-02High Output Wand - 1.50"$286.00
81122Accelerator - 1.25"$138.00
81123Accelerator - 1.50"$165.00
81125High Output Accelerator - 1.50"$220.00
81126Wear Resistant Wand - 1.25"$352.00
81127Wear Resistant Wand - 1.50"$374.00
81128Wear Resistant Accelerator - 1.25"$242.00
81129Wear Resistant Accelerator - 1.50"$407.00
81130Flex Hose - 1.25" Price / Ft$3.30
81133Flex Hose - 1.50" Price / Ft$4.40
81136Flex Hose - 2.00" Price / Ft$5.50
81138Hose Clamp - 1.25" $2.20
81139Hose Clamp - 1.50" $2.20
81140Air Line Tubing 3/8" - Price / Ft$1.10
81160Vibrator Assembly for 1.25" Wand$330.00
81161Vibrator Assembly for 1.50" Wand$330.00
81180Material Shut Off Valve for Flanged Hopper$594.00
812171" Tube for Sight Tube Hopper Mounting$104.00
812186" Tube for Sight Tube Hopper Mounting$104.00
8121912" Tube for Sight Tube Hopper Mounting$104.00
812211" Tube w/ Flange for Hopper Mounting$104.00
812226" Tube w/ Flange for Hopper Mounting$104.00
8122312" Tube w/ Flange for Hopper Mounting$104.00
81230Grinder Spike 6" for 1.25" Accelerator$75.00
81230-12Grinder Spike 12" for 1.25" Accelerator$85.00
81230-24Grinder Spike 24" for 1.25" Accelerator$110.00
81231Grinder Spike 6" for 1.50" Accelerator$75.00
81231-12Grinder Spike 12" for 1.50" Accelerator$85.00
81280Remote Filter Assembly (30 Gallon)$825.00
81280-04Filter Bag (30 Gallon Remote Filter Assembly)$55.00
81282Remote Filter Assembly (5 Gallon)$572.00
81282-05Filter Bag (5 Gallon Remote Filter Assembly)$40.00
812832" Wye for Remote Filter Assembly$40.00
812954" x 4" Mounting Plate with 3" x 3" Bolt Pattern$105.00
813005" x 5" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$105.00
813056" x 6" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$110.00
813107" x 7" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$110.00
813158" x 8" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$120.00
8132010" x 10" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$120.00
8132112" x 12" Blank Machine Mounting Plate$125.00
81800Single Loader Standard Control$462.00
81801Single Loader Standard Control w/ 1/2" Filter Regulator$528.00
81805Single Loader Standard Control w/ Low Level Alarm$594.00
81805-20Remote Material Sensing Alarm Box$144.00
81810Single Loader Control with On/Off Timer$594.00
81820Single Loader Control w/ Overfill Timer$594.00
81830Dual Loader Proportional Control (2 Tubes, 1 Sensor)$858.00
81832Dual Loader Proportional Control (2 Loaders, 2 Sensors)$858.00
81835Dual Loader Control w/ Overfill Timer$979.00
81837Dual Loader control w/ Low Level Alarm$979.00
81900Collector Box for 1.25" Accelerator$365.00
81900-05Pickup Tube for 1.25" Accelerator$66.00
81900-06Pickup Tube for 1.50" Accelerator$66.00
81900-07Clamp Spacer$10.00
81900-08Strike Plate$6.00
81900-09Tube Block-Off Plate$14.00
81900-10Toggle Clamp$20.00
81900-11Gasket for 81900 Collector Box$10.00
81900-20Pickup Tube for 1.25" Hose$70.00
81900-21Pickup Tube for 1.50" Hose$70.00
81900-22Pickup Tube for 1.75" Hose$70.00
81900-23Pickup Tube for 2.00" Hose$70.00
81900-24Pickup Tube for 2.25" Hose$70.00
81905Collector Box for 1.50" Accelerator$374.00
81910Collector Box for (2) 1.25" Accelerators$440.00
81915Collector Box for (2) 1.50" Accelerators$440.00
81920Single Opening Collector Box$374.00
81930Large Collector Box (3.50" to 8" Bolt Pattern)$385.00
81931Large Collector Box for 1.25" Accelerator$407.00
81932Large Collector Box for (2) 1.25" Accelerators$451.00
81933Large Collector Box for (3) 1.25" Accelerators$473.00
81934Large Collector Box for (4) 1.25" Accelerators$506.00
81935Large Collector Box for 1.50" Accelerator$418.00
81936Large Collector Box for (2) 1.50" Accelerators$440.00
81937Large Collector Box for (3) 1.50" Accelerators$462.00
81938Large Collector Box for (4) 1.50" Accelerators$506.00
83000Mini-Loader w/Sight Tube$429.00
83001Mini-Loader w/o Sight Tube$363.00
83020-05End Bell for Mini Loader$82.00
83020-07Support Rod for Mini Loader$8.00
83020-08Tube for Mini Loader (3" OD x 2.75" ID x 3")$28.00
83020-09Tube for Mini Loader w/ Magnet Hole$36.00
83020-20Inlet Tube & Sensor Body - Mini Loader$248.00
83020-21Sight Tube Assembly - Mini Loader$198.00
83020-22Sight Tube Assembly w/ Magnet - Mini Loader$364.00
83035Rare Earth Magnet Assembly - Mini Loader$176.00
18-1013/8" Air Valve w/ 120 Volt Solenoid$115.00
18-101-01120 Volt Solenoid$59.00
18-101-023/8" Air Valve w/o Solenoid$72.00
18-1121/2" Filter Regulator Assembly w/ Bracket and Gauge O/S$121.00
18-112-A1/2" Filter Regulator Assembly w/ Bracket and Gauge$121.00
18-114-C3/8" Filter Regulator Assembly w/ Bracket and Gauge O/S$104.00
18-114-CCAir Gauge 0-100 P.S.I.$16.00
18-114-CEBowl w/ Manual Drain for 3/8" & 1/2" Filter Regulator O/S$33.00
18-114-CFFilter Retainer O/S$15.00
18-114-CKFilter for Regulator Assembly O/S$15.00
18-114-D3/8" Filter Regulator Assembly w/ Bracket and Gauge - New Style$132.00
18-1213/8" Female Pipe Tee$22.00
18-1281/2" Air Valve w/ 120 Volt Solenoid$172.00
18-650-06Male Connector 3/8" Tube to 3/8" NPT$8.00
99-13-1392 Pin Panel Socket$10.00
99-13-1402 Pin Cable Plug w/ Strain Relief$12.00
99-13-1412 Pin Cable to Cable Connector w/ Strain Relief$16.00
99-21-106Box for 81800 Single Loader Control$51.00
99-21-106ACover for 81800 Single Loader Control Box$19.00
99-27-109Rocker Switch (Visi-Red)$8.00
99-33-1088' Power Cord w/ Strain Relief$20.00