Autoload Venturi Loaders

Autoload loaders are the #1 selling compressed air loader in the molding industry.  They are an industry standard because of their reliability and ease of use.  As a top distributor for the Autoload loader Telar can provide you expert service along with great pricing.  Most all loaders ship from stock and spare parts are available to keep your Autoload venturi loader in operation.  The AL-1525 is the most popular loader model along with the FL-1525 filter bag loader, for dusty applications, the JR-1525 Autoload Junior Loader for smaller machines, and the AL-1555 proportioning loader for virgin/regrind material loading.




Autoload Loader

Autoload Junior Loader

Autoload Proportional Loader




Autoload Complete System Pricing

ModelPart #Price

Autoload Spare Parts Pricing

Part #DescriptionPrice
MG-1000Junior Magnet$198.00
JR-RodJunior Support Rod$10.20
SG-500Junior Sight Glass$35.00
JR-OR1000Junior Top O-Ring$3.30
JF-15Junior Filter (PA-1859)$17.00
JR-FLJunior Filter Lid$13.00
JR-FSJunior Screen$16.00
JR-FBJunior Filter Bag$63.00
JR-KnobJunior Knob$4.70
JR-HandleJunior Handle$47.00
JR-RodJunior Threaded Rod$6.10
JR-E-ClipJunior E-Clip$0.80
JR-FootJunior Foot$4.70
JR-BaffleJunior Baffle Plate$42.00
JR-TeeJunior Tee$89.00
JR-ORBEJunior Bottom O-Ring$3.30
JR-SBJunior Sensor Bracket$33.00
57322" Hose Clamp$2.00
JR-KnobHopper Knob$4.70
57201.25" Hose Clamp$2.00
MG-II MagMG-II Magnet$161.00
JRII-JF-15JR II Filter$38.00
WN-6100Wand Assembly 1.00"$228.00
WN-6125-STEEWand Assembly 1.25"$213.00
WN-6125-CPMCPM Wand 1.25"$485.00
WN-6150-STEEWand Assembly 1.25"$228.00
WN-6150-CPMCPM Wand 1.50"$506.00
WN-SpikeWand Spike$28.00
AC-5100Accelerator 1.00"$132.00
AC-5125-STEEAccelerator 1.25"$132.00
AC-5125-CPMAccelerator CPM 1.25"$424.00
AC-5150-STEEAccelerator 1.50"$138.00
AC-5150-CPMAccelerator CPM 1.50"$424.00
AC-CoverWand Cover$81.00
AC-O RingAccelerator O-Ring$3.30
CU-1000Single Control Unit$537.00
CU-2000Dual Control Unit$1,086.00
RT-1000Recycle Timer Control$603.00
OA-1000Overfill Timer Control$584.00
CB-2500Single Collector Box$430.00
CB-2502Dual Collector Box$470.00
JR-RECJunior Receiver$836.00
GS-1000Grinder Spike$84.00
MP-1000Mounting Plate$100.00
HP-1525KFS1525 Hopper Only$590.00
HFA-1525Hopper/Filter Assembly$648.00
RH-15251525 Reinforced Hopper$741.00
RHFA-1525Reinforced Hopper Assy.$801.00
HP-1555KFS1555 Hopper Only$632.00
HFA-1555Hopper/Filter Assembly$658.00
RH-15551555 Reinforced Hopper$780.00
RHFA-1555Reinforced Hopper Assy.$838.00
RES-HOPReservoir Hopper$854.00
SSGA-1525Sensor/Sight Glass Assy.$640.00
SSG-1NSSight Glass - No Sensor$424.00
LS-1000Level Sensor$235.00
MG-3500Magnet Assembly$299.00
SG-1000Sight Glass Tube$41.00
SGS-1000Sight Glass Seal$3.30
ORT-1000Top End Bell O-Ring$3.30
ORB-1000Bottom End Bell O-Ring$3.30
Rod-1000Support Rod$13.00
TEB-1000Top End Bell$63.00
BEB-1000Bottom End Bell$66.00
SB-1000Sensor Bracket$33.00
SP-1000Sensor Plug$33.00
SEC-1000Sensor Extension Cable$87.00
SN-1000Sensor Nut$4.70
FHDA-1000Filter Hold Down Assy.$16.00
HP-LidHopper Lid$31.00
HP-FootHopper Foot$4.70
HP-StemHopper Stem$4.70
HP-E-ClipHopper E Clip$0.80
AF-15Filter (PA-1857)$29.00
HP-CA-RedCone Assembly - Red$70.00
HP-CA-WhiteCone Assembly - White$81.00
HP-CG-RedCone Gasket - Red$6.10
HP-CG-WhiteCone Gasket - White$19.00
FS-1000Filter Screen$23.00
F-Gasket-RedFilter Gasket - Red$7.50
FB-1000Filter Top and Bag Assy.$309.00
F-1000Filter Bag$63.00
RL-DFARL Drum Filter Assembly$813.00
RL-FilterBag Filter for RL Drum$60.00
HG1251.25" flex hose / ft.$3.00
HG1501.50" flex hose / ft.$4.00
UP663/8" air tubing / ft. $1.00
GaugeAir Gauge$31.00
CBV-1000Control Box w/valve$365.00
SV-1000Solenoid Valve$138.00
CV-RSRocker Switch Cover$13.60
RC-C3Rocker Cover$4.70
SVC-1000Solenoid Valve Coil$81.00
CU-FRCU-Female Receptacle$35.00
3/8/19903/8-90 Degree Push Lock$7.50
3/8 - SPL3/8 Straight Push Lock$6.10
CV-BowlRegulator Bowl$77.00