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Autoload Junior Loader JR-1525-OW

AUTOLOAD Air Loaders are the most popular single-inlet pneumatic loader – thousands in production

Loads 100 lbs. / hr,
Low profile – 16″ height
Mounts directly to molding machine – Load from Gaylord or portable drying hopper
Includes everything you need – hopper with filter, sight tube assembly with sensor, control assembly with regulator and solenoid, mounting flange, 10 ft. of 1-1/4″ material hose, air line tubing and pick up wand with venturi
Low maintenance (no motors or brushes) very quiet and extremely efficient


JR-1525-OW  –   $1,135

Autoload Junior Loader JR-1525-OW

JR-1525-OW (includes pickup wand)

Autoload Air Loaders

  • #1 Selling Venturi Loader – Thousands in Production, Save on Complete Systems and Spare Parts
  • Mounts Directly to Molding Machine – In Stock – Factory Warranty and Technical Support
  • Available as Single Material, or Proportional Loader also  Cleanroom and Remote Loading

Autoload Clean Room Loader CL-1525


Clean Room Loader – Remote Exhaust


Autoload Air Loader with reinforced hopper AL-1525


Reinforced Hopper – For Abrasive Material


Autoload Dual Proportional Loader with reinforced hopper AL-1555


Proportional Loader w/ Reinforced Hopper  – Optional Filter Bag


Autoload Spare Parts – All Models

Std. Wand  – $200

CPM Wand – $460

P/N: WN-6125 (CPM)

Accelerator  $125

Accelerator – CPM  $420

P/N: AC-5125 (CPM)

Autoload Level Sensor LS-1000


Level Sensor

P/N: LS-1000

Autoload Single Control Unit


Single Control Unit


Autoload Proportional Loader Control


Proportional Control


Autoload Overfill & Low Level Alarm


Overfill/Low Level Alarm



Collector Box

P/N: 81900

Autoload Loader Collector Box


Collector Box


Autoload Loader Grinder Spike


Grinder Spike


Autoload Loader Mounting Plate


Mounting Plate

P/N: MP-1000

1.25" Flex Hose

$2.00 / ft

Flex Hose 1.25″

P/N: MTH-125

Autoload Filter Hold Down Assembly


Filter Hold Down Assy.


Autoload Junior Loader Spare Parts (JR-1525) (JRII-1525)

Autoload Junior Magnet Assembly


Junior Magnet – JR-1525


Autoload MG-II Magnet Assembly


 Magnet – JRII Junior Loader


Filter for Autoload Junior Loader JF-15


Filter for Junior Loader

P/N: JR-JF-15

Autoload Filter for JRII Loader


JRII Filter


Filter Bag for Autoload Junior Loader


Filter Bag – ML-500



Junior Filter Top Assy.



JR-1525 Sight Glass


Autoload Sight Glass Support Rod


Junior Support Rod


Autoload JR-500 sight glass seal


Sight Glass Seal


Autoload Top End Bell O Ring


Top End Bell O Ring


Autoload Bottom End Bell O Ring


Top End Bell O Ring


Autoload Loader Sensor Bracket


Junior Sensor Bracket



Jr. Filter Lid



Junior Top Plate

JR- Top Plate


Junior Middle Plate

JR-Mid Plate


Top End Bell O Ring



Junior Baffle Plate



Junior Tee


Autoload Spare Parts Pricing – All Models

Part #DescriptionPrice
LS-1000Level Sensor$185.00
MG-3500Magnet Assembly$375.00
SG-1000Sight Glass Tube$63.00
SGS-1000Sight Glass Seal$4.25
TEB-1000Top End Bell$112.00
ORT-1000Top End Bell O-Ring$4.25
ORB-1000Bottom End Bell O-Ring$4.25
Rod-1000 - UsedSupport Rod$12.00
Rod-1000Support Rod$31.00
BEB-1000Bottom End Bell$117.00
WN-6125Wand Assembly 1.25"$200.00
WN-6125-CPMCPM Wand 1.25"$460.00
WN-6150Wand Assembly 1.50"$228.00
WN-6150-CPMCPM Wand 1.50"$485.00
WN-SpikeWand Spike$30.00
AC-5125Accelerator 1.25"$125.00
AC-5125 - SuperSuper Accelerator 1.25"$135.00
AC-5125-CPMAccelerator CPM 1.25"$430.00
AC-5150Accelerator 1.50"$140.00
AC-5150 - SuperSuper Accelerator 1.50"$160.00
AC-5150-CPMAccelerator CPM 1.50"$430.00
AC-O RingAccelerator O-Ring$4.25
CU-1000Single Control Unit$680.00
CU-2000Dual Control Unit$1,290.00
OA-1000Overfill Timer Control$475.00
CB-2500Single Collector Box$625.00
81900Single Collector Box$440.00
CB-2502Dual Collector Box$635.00
81910Dual Collector Box$460.00
GS-1000Grinder Spike$90.00
MP-1000Mounting Plate$95.00
HP-1525KFS1525 Hopper Only$525.00
HFA-1525Hopper/Filter Assembly$895.00
HP-1525RKFS1525 Reinforced Hopper$890.00
RHFA-1525Reinforced Hopper Assy.$1,090.00
HP-1555KFS1555 Hopper Only$798.00
HFA-1555Hopper/Filter Assembly$990.00
RH-15551555 Reinforced Hopper$742.00
HP-1555RKFSReinforced Hopper Assy.$995.00
RES-HOPReservoir Hopper$990.00
SSGA-1525Sensor/Sight Glass Assy.$740.00
SSG-1NSSight Glass - No Sensor$510.00
SB-1000Sensor Bracket$51.00
SP-1000Sensor Plug$24.00
SEC-1000Sensor Extension Cable$106.00
SN-1000Sensor Nut$2.25
HP-LidHopper Lid$52.00
FHDA-1000Filter Hold Down Assy.$22.00
HP-FootHopper Foot$6.00
HP-StemHopper Stem$10.00
HP-E-ClipHopper E Clip$1.20
HP-KnobHopper Knob$6.00
AF-15Filter (PA-1857)$40.00
HP-CA-RedCone Assembly - Red$125.00
HP-CA-WhiteCone Assembly - White$138.00
HP-CG-RedCone Gasket - Red$8.00
HP-CG-WhiteCone Gasket - White$25.00
FS-1000Filter Screen$31.00
F-Gasket-RedFilter Gasket - Red$9.50
FB-1000Filter Top and Bag Assy.$525.00
F-1000Filter Bag$92.00
JR-RECJunior Receiver$850.00
JRII-JF-15JR II Filter$65.00
JRII-MAGJunior Magnet$155.00
MG-1000Junior Magnet$235.00
FHDA-1000Jr. Filter Hold Down Assy.$22.00
HP-FootJunior Hopper Foot$6.00
HP-StemJunior Hopper Stem$10.00
HP-E-ClipJunior Hopper E Clip$1.20
HP-KnobJunior Hopper Knob$6.00
JR-RodJunior Support Rod$25.00
SG-500Junior Sight Glass$45.00
JR-SealJunior Sight Glass Seal$4.00
JR-OR1000Junior Top O-Ring$4.00
JF-15Junior Filter (PA-1859)$30.00
JR-FLJunior Filter Lid$16.00
JR-FSJunior Screen$20.00
JR-FBJunior Filter Bag$80.00
JR-HandleJunior Handle$78.00
JR-RodJunior Threaded Rod$7.00
JR-BaffleJunior Baffle Plate$160.00
JR-TeeJunior Tee$160.00
JR-ORBEJunior Bottom O-Ring$4.25
JR-SBJunior Sensor Bracket$56.00
RL-DFARL Drum Filter Assembly$774.00
RL-FilterBag Filter for RL Drum$57.00
HG1251.25" flex hose / ft.$3.00
HG1501.50" flex hose / ft.$4.00
UP663/8" air tubing / ft. $1.00
57201.25" Hose Clamp$2.30
57201.25" Hose Clamp$2.30
57322" Hose Clamp$3.10
GaugeAir Gauge$29.00
CBV-1000Control Box w/valve$347.00
SV-1000Solenoid Valve$131.00
CV-RSRocker Switch Cover$12.10
RC-C3Rocker Cover$4.40
SVC-1000Solenoid Valve Coil$77.00
CU-FRCU-Female Receptacle$33.00
3/8 - 90 SPL3/8-90 Degree Push Lock$7.10
3/8 - SPL3/8 Straight Push Lock$5.80
CV-BowlRegulator Bowl$77.00

Telar is a leading supplier of front end components at the industries lowest prices.  Huge inventory of screws, barrels, screw tips, end caps, nozzles and nozzle tips.  We have inventory on many of the most popular injection molding machine makes and models.  Same day shipping available on orders received by 5:00 pm EST.  Rush orders 1-2 weeks.

Please visit our main website at for more great savings on pneumatic conveying components and auxiliary equipment including loaders, dryers, chillers, temperature controls, hot runner controls, granulators and additive feeders.

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