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Van Dorn 57mm Feed Screw

For all Van Dorn 20F Inline machines.  IN STOCK!

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Part# VD057-NN


Colmonoy 56/Nitrided

Part# VD057F-45N


Van Dorn 57mm Screw

OAL:  54.35″

L/D: 18 to 1

Tip Thread: 1 1/4″-7 TPI  LH

Design:  General Purpose

Drive End: 4 Spline

Colmonoy 56/Chrome

Part# VD57F-45C



Part# VD057F-9V


Screw Base Materials:

4140 – High strength pre-hardened tool steel that is nitrided to through harden.  Colmonoy 56  a cobalt based wweld applied to flites to through-harden.  Good for most general purpose molding applications.

D-2 – High carbon/high chrome tool steel with good wear resistance.  Good for most general purpose molding applications with up to 10% glass fillers.

9V – Tool steel with 9% vanadium carbide.  Excellent wear resistance.  Good for high wear, non corrosive applications

S90V – Tool steel with 9% vanadium carbide and 14% chromium.  Good for high wear/high corrosive applications.

Hard Facing Options:

Colmonoy 56 – A nickel based powdered alloy that is applied to screw flites by plasma transferred arc (PTA) welding.  Colmonoy 56 is most often applied to 4140 screws to provide additional wear resistance to the screw flites.

Colmonoy 83 – A tungsten carbide/nickel based powder alloy that provides superior protection to the screw flites against wear from abrasive resins.  Extremely cost effective in larger screws when CPM 9V is not an option.

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