Van Dorn Screws

Telar has a huge selection of in stock Van Dorn screws for your HP, HT Inline and classic toggle machines.  All sizes are available from 3 oz. to 400 oz.  You can select from a variety of screw materials that include our low priced general purpose nitrided screws, welded screws, and also our very high wear CPM 9V and tungsten carbide coated screws.  All our Van Dorn screws will meet OEM specifications.


MachineSize ODInjection SizeMaterialPrice
Van Dorn30mm3FNitrided$780
Van Dorn30mm3FColmonoy/Chrome$1,040
Van Dorn30mm3FColmonoy/Nitride$1,040
Van Dorn 30mm3FCPM 9V$1,290
Van Dorn35mm5FNitrided$850
Van Dorn35mm5FColmonoy/Chrome$1,040
Van Dorn 35mm5FColmonoy/Nitride$1,040
Van Dorn 35mm5FCPM 9V$1,490
Van Dorn40mm8FNitrided$945
Van Dorn 40mm8FColmonoy/Chrome$1,140
Van Dorn 40mm8FColmonoy/Nitride$1,140
Van Dorn 40mm8FCPM 9V$1,590
Van Dorn50mm14FNitrided$1,090
Van Dorn50mm14FColmonoy/Chrome$1,290
Van Dorn50mm14FColmonoy/Nitride$1,290
Van Dorn50mm14FCPM 9V$2,190
Van Dorn 50mm14FCarbide with PosiMelt$2,290
Van Dorn57mm20FNitrided$1,280
Van Dorn57mm20FColmonoy/Chrome$1,480
Van Dorn57mm20FColmonoy/Nitride$1,480
Van Dorn57mm20FCPM 9V$3,690
Van Dorn 65mm30FNitrided$1,390
Van Dorn 65mm30FColmonoy/Chrome$1,590
Van Dorn 65mm30FColmonoy/Nitride$1,590
Van Dorn 65mm30FCPM 9V$4,490
Van Dorn 65mm30FCarbide Coated$4,780
Van Dorn75mm48FNitride$2,290
Van Dorn75mm48FColmonoy/Chrome$2,490
Van Dorn75mm48FColmonoy/Nitride$2,490
Van Dorn75mm48FCarbide CoatedCall
Van Dorn 80mm60FNitrided$2,390
Van Dorn 80mm60FColmonoy/Chrome$2,680
Van Dorn 80mm60FColmonoy/Nitride$2,680
Van Dorn 80mm60FCPM 9VCall
Van Dorn 80mm60FCarbide CoatedCall
Van Dorn90mm80FColmonoy/Chrome$3,180
Van Dorn90mm80FColmonoy/Nitride$3,180
Van Dorn90mm80FCarbide CoatedCall
Van Dorn105mm125FColmonoy/Chrome$3,790
Van Dorn105mm125FColmonoy/Nitride$3,790
Van Dorn105mm125FCarbide CoatedCall
Van Dorn115mm165FColmonoy/Chrome$4,680
Van Dorn115mm165FColmonoy/Nitride$4,680
Van Dorn115mm165FCarbide CoatedCall
Van Dorn135mm260FColmonoy/Chrome$7,890
Van Dorn135mm260FColmonoy/Nitride$7,890
Van Dorn135mm260FCarbide CoatedCall
Van Dorn155mm400FColmonoy/Chrome$11,380
Van Dorn155mm400FColmonoy/Nitride$11,380
Van Dorn155mm400FCarbide CoatedCall

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