Cincinnati Milacron Screws

Telar has a huge selection of Engel screws for various types of Engel injection molding machines.   If we don’t have in stock we can quickly manufacture one at a very reasonable price if tine is critical.  Our engineers can also design as screw to best suit your molding application.  You can select from a variety of screw materials that include our low priced general purpose nitrided screws, welded screws, and also our very high wear CPM 9V and tungsten carbide coated screws.  All Engel feed screws will meet OEM specifications.

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Telar Loader - Injection MoldingTemptek Air-Cooled Chiller

Shini GranulatorAthena Hot Runner Control Module - RMA-15

Dri-Air Dryer with Hopper on Stand

Temptek Mold-Temperature-Control-Unit - Telar Corp.

Incline Conveyor - Telar Corp.

Accu-Feed Additive Feeder - Telar Corp.

Engel Injection Machine Model No.
ES30, ES55, ES80, ES85, ES100, ES150, ES200, ES250, ES300, ES400, ES450, ES550, ES725, ES880, ES1050, ES1100, ES1300, ES1400, ES1500, ES1750, ES2000, ES2750, ES3500, ES7000, ES7050