Toshiba Screw Tip Assemblies

Huge Inventory of CPM 9V and GP 3 piece Toshiba Screw Tip Assemblies

We have a huge inventory of Toshiba 3 piece screw tip assemblies in almost every size in both general purpose and high wear CPM 9V.  Most every size in stock available for immediate shipment.  We supply all the older ISE, ISF and ISG series valves along with the newer ISI series and EC series electric  machines.  We also stock many Toshiba locking tip assemblies, 4 piece valves and ball checks.  If we don’t have the Toshiba valve you are looking for in stock we can offer expedited delivery.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will provide expert service to assist you in choosing the correct valve for your Toshiba molding machine application.


Toshiba Screw Tip Assemblies – 3 Piece Free Flow Design



H-13 – High strength pre-hardened tool steel that is nitrided to through-harden.  Good for most general purpose molding applications.

D-2 – High carbon/high chrome tool steel with good wear resistance.  Good for most general purpose molding applications with up to 10% glass fillers.

9V – Tool steel with 9% vanadium carbide.  Excellent wear resistance.  Good for high wear, non corrosive applications

S90V – Tool steel with 9% vanadium carbide and 14% chromium.  Good for high wear/high corrosive applications.

18 mmTS018A$230$240
25 mmTS025A$230$260
28 mmTS028A$230$270
32 mmTS032A$240$310
36 mmTS036A$240$335
40 mmTS040A$260$350
45 mmTS045A$330$445
50 mmTS050A$330$480
55 mmTS055A$375$570
60 mmTS060A$380$650
70 mmTS070A$496$814
80 mmTS080A$550$1,120
90 mmTS090A$785$1,580
95 mmTS095A$840$1,890
105 mmTS105A$1,160 $2,490
120mmTS120A$1,230 $2,980
125 mmTS125A$1,390 $3,240
140 mmTS140A$1,630 $4,480

We also supply 4 piece valves, ball checks, 3 piece locking ring design and smear tips. Check out our huge inventory and prices on screws, barrels, screw tips, end caps, nozzles and nozzle tips.  Same day shipping on all orders received by 5:00 pm EST.

Telar has a huge inventory of Toshiba screws and Toshiba Barrels ready to ship.  We can also repair your existing screw and reline your barrel.  Speak with one of our engineers to design a screw to best suit your application.

Toshiba Injection Molding Machine Model No.
EC50S, EC75S, EC100S, EC130S, EC180S, EC230S, EC280S, EC350S, EC50SX, EC75SX, EC100SX, EC130SX, EC180SX, EC230SX, EC280SX, EC350SX, EC30SXII, EC50SXII, EC75SXII, EC100SXII, EC130SXII, EC180SXII, EC230SXII, EC280SXII, EC350SXII, EC450SXII, EC550SXII, EC450SX, EC550SX, EC650SX, EC850SX, EC1000SX, EC1300SX, EC1300SXW, EC1600SXW, EC1800SX, ISG90, ISG90, ISG120, ISG150, ISG190, ISG250, ISG310, ISG390, ISG500, ISG610, ISG720, ISG950, ISF60, ISF90, ISF120, ISF150, ISF190, ISF250, ISF310, ISF390, ISF500, ISF610, ISF720, ISF950, ISF1450D, ISF1750D, ISF1950D, ISF2450D, ISF2750D, ISF3350D
Toshiba Injection Units
1A, 1Y, 1.5A, 1.5Y 1.5B, 2A, 2Y, 2B, 3A, 3Y, 4A, 4B, 4Y, 5A, 5B, 5Y 6A, 6Y, 8A, 8B, 8Y, 9A, 9B, 9Y, 10A, 10B, 10Y, 17A, 17AT, 17B, 17Y, 19A, 19AT, 19B, 26A, 26B, 27A, 27B, 27AT, 34A, 34B, 36A, 36B, 59A, 59B, 59AT, 61A, 61B, 78A, 78B, 81A, 81AT, 81B, 110A, 110AT, 110B, 120A, 120B, 150A, 150B, 155A, 155B, 200A, 200B, 315A, 315B
Toshiba Feedscrew and Bore Size
16mm Toshiba, 18mm Toshiba, 20mm Toshiba,  22mm Toshiba, 25mm Toshiba, 28mm Toshiba, 32mm Toshiba, 36mm Toshiba, 40mm Toshiba, 45mm Toshiba, 50mm Toshiba 55mm Toshiba, 60mm Toshiba, 70mm Toshiba, 80mm toshiba, 90mm Toshiba, 95mm Toshiba, 105mm Toshiba, 115mm Toshiba, 120mm Toshiba, 125mm Toshiba, 140mm Toshiba, 150mm Toshiba, 160mm Toshiba, 180mm Toshiba

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