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45°F – 95°F Setpoint  •  R410A Refrigerant  •  Low Price

Shini USA is a leader in plastic processing equipment and they have thousands of portable air cooled chillers in manufacturing plants worldwide.   Shini USA chillers are available in both 5 ton and 10 ton sizes.   Shini USA portable air-cooled chillers are designed with a vertical air discharge that enhances shop comfort by directing the heat up and away from your operators and your process.  Both the 5 ton and 10 ton chillers are in stock

Shini USA 5 Ton Chiller - SIC-12A-R2P

5 Ton

Shini USA 5 Ton Portable Air-Cooled Chiller


Air -Cooled  /  In Stock

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10 Ton

Shini USA Portable Chiller - 10 Ton


Air -Cooled  /  In Stock

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