Van Dorn Screw Tips

Huge Selection of CPM 9V and General Purpose three piece Van Dorn Screw Tip Assemblies.  All sizes in stock.  Four piece valves and ball checks also available.  Ship same day.

All Van Dorn screw tip assemblies are manufactured to OEM specifications.  We have every size available in both the older inline models including the classic toggle, HP and HT machines and the newer Van Dorn Demag Rotating Ram machines.  Our 3 piece free flow tip assemblies are the lowest price in the industry.

Van Dorn Screw Tip Assembly

Van Dorn Screw Tip Assemblies – 3 Piece Free Flow Design



SizePart #Gen PurposeHigh Wear
30 mmVD030A$230$295
35 mmVD035A$240$320
38 mmVD038A$248$340
40 mmVD040A$262$375
50 mmVD050A$330$565
57 mmVD057A$350$690
65 mmVD065A$418$830
75 mmVD075A$496$1,180
80 mmVD080A$550$1,360
90 mmVD090A$780$1,825
105 mmVD105A$1,160 $2,860
115 mmVD115A$1,225 $2,980
135 mmVD135A$1,395 $3,970
155 mmVD155A$1,780 $4,890