Toyo Screw Tip Assemblies

Toyo 3 piece free flow and locking ring screw tips for your G2 series, H series, SI, SI-II, SI-III, SI-IV, SI-V, SI-VI series machines.  Most every size in stock in both free flow and OEM locking ring designs.  Same day shipping on most every Toyo screw tip in all series machines in either general purpose D-2 and high wear CPM 9V.  Call or email for pricing or to make sure you are getting the correct valve for your machine.

Toyo Screw Tip Assembly - Injection Molding

Toyo Screw Tip Assemblies – 3 Piece Free Flow Design


SIZEPART #H-13 (G)9V (W)
20 mmTY020A$205$221
24 mmTY024A$205$230
28 mmTY028A$222$266
32 mmTY032A$231$292
36 mmTY036A$232$308
40 mmTY040A$252$350
46 mmTY046A$318$470
50 mmTY050A$320$528
55 mmTY055A$362$612
60 mmTY060A$384$734
68 mmTY068A$404$894
75 mmTY075A$478$1,098
83 mmTY083A$627$1,478