JSW Screw Tip Assemblies

JSW 3 piece Screw Tip Assemblies in CPM 9V and General Purpose H-13, D-2

JSW Screw Tip Assembly

We have a large selection of JSW screw tip assemblies in general purpose and high wear CPM 9V.  We have 3 piece free flow screw tip assemblies, four piece screw tip assemblies, ball checks and locking ring check valves.  If we don’t have the valve you are looking for in stock we can offer expedited delivery.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will provide expert service to assist you in choosing the correct valve for your JSW molding machine application.

JSW Screw Tip Assemblies – 3 Piece Free Flow Design


18 mm$198$218JS018A
20 mm$202$222JS020A
25 mm$204$230JS025A
28 mm$210$271JS028A
32 mm$218$293JS032A
35 mm$220$320JS035A
40 mm$252$364JS040A
46 mm$302$497JS046A
51 mm$304$588JS051A
53 mm$344$648JS053A
58 mm$363$701JS058A
60 mm$438$706JS060A
66 mm$454$894JS066A
68 mm$458$898JS068A
72 mm$462$1,156 JS072A
76 mm$484$1,260 JS076A
83 mm$504$1,582 JS083A
84 mm$524$1,590 JS084A
86 mm$692$1,710 JS086A
92 mm$785QuoteJS092A
99 mm$836QuoteJS099A
100 mm$1,124 QuoteJS100A
110 mm$1,248 QuoteJS110A
120 mm$1,380 QuoteJS120A
130 mm$1,476 QuoteJS130A
140 mm$1,588 QuoteJS140A