Engel Screw Tip Assemblies – 3 Piece Free Flow Design


We also supply Engel ball checks, 3 piece locking ring design and smear tips. Check out our huge inventory and prices on Engel feed screws, Engel barrels, end caps, nozzles and nozzle tips.  Check our our huge inventory of screw tip assemblies for all machine types. Same day shipping on all orders received by 5:00 pm EST.

18 mmEN018A$192$204
22 mmEN022A$202$222
25 mmEN025A$189$212
30 mmEN030A$208$252
35 mmEN035A$215$275
40 mmEN040A$235$310
45 mmEN045A$295$412
50 mmEN050A$296$420
55 mmEN055A$338$492
60 mmEN060A$358$592
70 mmEN070A$456$716
80 mmEN080A$495$1,074
90 mmEN090A$704$1,358
105 mmEN105A$1,048 $1,993
120 mmEN120A$1,090 $2,790
135 mmEN135A$1,340 $3,689


H-13 – High strength pre-hardened tool steel that is nitrided to through-harden.  Good for most general purpose molding applications.

D-2 – High carbon/high chrome tool steel with good wear resistance.  Good for most general purpose molding applications with up to 10% glass fillers.

9V – Tool steel with 9% vanadium carbide.  Excellent wear resistance.  Good for high wear, non corrosive applications

S90V – Tool steel with 9% vanadium carbide and 14% chromium.  Good for high wear/high corrosive applications.

Telar has a huge inventory of Engel screws and Engel injection barrels ready to ship.  We can also repair your existing screw and reline your barrel.  Speak with one of our engineers to design a screw to best suit your application.

Engel Injection Machine Model No.
ES30, ES55, ES80, ES85, ES100, ES150, ES200, ES240, ES250, ES300, ES330, ES400, ES450, ES550, ES600,  ES700, ES725, ES740 ES880, ES1100, ES1300, ES1340, ES1350, ES1400, ES1500, ES1750, ES2000, ES2750, ES3500, ES3550, ES4400,  ES 4550, ES7000, ES7050