Boy Screw Tip Assemblies

Boy 3 piece Screw Tip Assemblies in CPM 9V and General Purpose H-13, D-2

We have a large selection of Boy screw tip assemblies in general purpose and high wear CPM 9V.  We have 3 piece free flow screw tip assemblies, four piece screw tip assemblies, ball checks and locking ring check valves.  If we don’t have the valve you are looking for in stock we can offer expedited delivery.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will provide expert service to assist you in choosing the correct valve for your Boy molding machine application.

Boy Screw Tip Assemblies – 3 Piece Free Flow Design


14 mm$197$204BY014A
16 mm$198$206BY016A
18 mm$199$207BY018A
22 mm$204$210BY022A
24 mm$206$218BY024A
32 mm$225$276BY032A
36 mm$236$303BY036A
38 mm$248$308BY038A
42 mm$278$347BY042A
48 mm$322$444BY048A