Battenfeld Screw Tip Assemblies

Battenfeld 3 piece Screw Tip Assemblies in CPM 9V and General Purpose H-13, D-2

We have a large selection of Battenfeld screw tip assemblies in general purpose and high wear CPM 9V.  We have 3 piece free flow screw tip assemblies, four piece screw tip assemblies, ball checks and locking ring check valves.  If we don’t have the valve you are looking for in stock we can offer expedited delivery.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will provide expert service to assist you in choosing the correct valve for your Battenfeld molding machine application.

Battenfeld Screw Tip Assemblies – 3 Piece Free Flow Design


18 mm$198$220BA018A
22 mm$202$222BA022A
25 mm$204$223BA025A
30 mm$210$244BA030A
35 mm$220$275BA035A
40 mm$252$320BA040A
45 mm$302$412BA045A
50 mm$304$420BA050A
55 mm$344$492BA055A
60 mm$438$588BA060A
65 mm$454$682BA065A
70 mm$456$716BA070A
75 mm$484$892BA075A
80 mm$504$948BA080A
85 mm$692$1,247 BA085A
90 mm$718$1,378 BA090A
96 mm$944$1,634 BA096A
100 mm$1,032 QuoteBA100A
110 mm$1,078 QuoteBA105A
120 mm$1,188 QuoteBA120A
130 mm$1,340 QuoteBA135A
140 mm$1,482 QuoteBA140A
150 mm$1,658 QuoteBA150A
170 mm$1,763 QuoteBA170A