Portable Dryers

150 – 300 CFM dryers • 2 and 4 bed design


Telar FM series floor mounted dryers manufactured by Dri-Air are extremely efficient.  Loaded with features including temperature based regeneration, low energy consumption, and an advanced controller.  Our dryers will consistently deliver -40° F dewpoints even with relative humidity over 80%.


Our ADC control has a -49° F dewpoint monitor, high temperature alarm and shutdown, alarm history, 7 day timer and thermocouple alarms.

ADC Control

Standard on all FM dryers

2 Bed Dryer


4 Bed Design

The 4 bed design is best  for difficult materials and high relative humidity.  Minimum constant dewpoints of -40° F down to -100° F.  Excellent for medical and automotive molding and for critical molding including polycarbonate blends.  Recommended for most non air-conditioned facilities.

4 Bed Dryer

2 Bed Portable
Modellbs / hr.CFMPriceDims l/w/h
ARID-X-150150150$11,675 36/42/64
ARID-X-200200200$12,565 36/42/64
4 Bed Portable
Modellbs / hr.CFMPriceDims l/w/h
HP4-X-150160150$12,920 36/42/64
HP4-X-200220200$13,785 36/42/64
HP4-X-300330300$17,245 36/42/64