Machine Mount Dryers

Saves valuable floor space • Direct to machine mount

Telar HM series machine mount dryers are both efficient and economical.  An electric dryer valve eliminates the need for compressed air.  Available options include a mobile cart, after cooler, drawer magnet, booster heater and temperature setback.

2 Bed Dryer


Dri-Touch Control

-49° F dewpoint monitor

7 day timer

Resin Library

I Phone/Android compatible

4 Bed Dryer



2 Bed Machine Mount
Modellbs / hr.HopperPricePowerDims l/w/h
AHM-11030 lbs.$5,515 110/22022/21/28
AHM-21560 lbs.$7,035 3 phase30/29/38
AHM-325100 lbs.$7,315 3 phase30/29/42
AHM-435150 lbs.$7,565 3 phase30/29/51
4 Bed Machine Mount
Modellbs / hr.HopperPricePowerDims l/w/h
HPHM-22060 lbs.$8,6203 phase30/29/38
HPHM-330100 lbs.$8,9003 phase30/29/42
HPHM-440150 lbs.$9,1503 phase30/29/51