Benchmark Hydraulic Pumps & Motors


Telar Benchmark aftermarket line of vane pumps and motors are perfect interchange replacements for Denison® T6, T67, T7 series vane pumps and M4 series vane motors. Our vane pumps come in four basic frame sizes: single, double, triple and drive train configurations, with pressures up to 4350 psi and maximum rpms up to 3000 in a single pump.

Our line of B Series vane motors are available with reversible shaft rotation and a variety of torque ratings and port locations. These are rated for pressures up to 2500 psi and maximum rpms up to 4000. The B Series is engineered for reliable use with a long service life for many applications and is capable of accomodating a wide range of fluid viscosities.

We also stock replacement parts and cartridge kits for our B series aftermarket line, as well as the Denison line.

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